Understanding the opportunity

  • Find the roots
  • How to see in different perspectives
  • Crash course in Design Thinking

Come up with possibilities

  • Brainstorming exercises
  • Agile Methodology
  • Prototyping

Communicating ideas

  • Inter-disciplinary communication
  • Facilitation / leadership skills
  • How to present ideas


DAY 10AM – 2PM 3:00-5:00PM
DAY 1 Intro to the project, materials & CV Tour the Hood + Eixample History by Lluis Permanyer
DAY 2 Design Thinking w/ Mariona Aloy Ciller Preliminary Field Work: Photos, Interviews, etc…
DAY 3 Manual Thinking w/ Tomoko Sakamoto Expose: Photos, Interviews, etc… w/ Silvia Calvet: Define
DAY 4 Work @MOB: Video: 22@ Rebrading
Situation of Barcelona, Yoel Karaso
Collective Brainstorming
DAY 5 (likemind) Barcelona Morning Event
Cultural Branding w/ Monica Carbonell
Work @MOB: Design Thinking: Define
WIAD WorkShop at Coperfield Social Innovation
DAY 6 Work @MOB: Design Thinking: Ideate Divide into teams.
DAY 7 Creative Leadership w/ Diego Fdz at Coperfield Work @MOB: Work on Projects (Ideate)
DAY 8 Business Strategy w/ Graham Eisner Work @MOB: Presentation Outline
DAY 9 Work @MOB: Refine Presentation Parsons School of Design Google HangOut 16h-18h
DAY 10 Tour & Elevator Pitch by Barcelona Activa Work @MOB: Presentation ReWork